Top 10 LGBTQ+ Christmas Movies

There are dozens of Christmas movies coming out this season, just like every other year around the holidays. However, many of these remakes are notoriously lacking in originality and versatility. There are still very few movies that focus on LGBTQ+ characters or have any representation of LGBTQ+ people at all.

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Although they are few and far between, there are some Christmas movies that have successfully represented the LGBTQ+ community. These films are sometimes unique but often use popular Christmas movie templates while incorporating representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

10/10 The Christmas setting follows the love story of Hugo and Patrick

anyway Christmas preparation Not only is it the greatest Christmas movie to watch year-round, but it’s a fun story that delivers warm holiday cheer. The plot follows Hugo as he goes home for the holidays, and is forced to put up with his mother’s interference when she sets him up on a date with a crush he had in high school.

Christmas preparation Not one of the more unique holiday stories, centering on a person who has to choose between love and life decisions. In particular, it’s the first LGBTQ+ holiday movie to air on Lifetime and offers some significant representation in the holiday movie genre.

9/10 Common rooms follow three men

Shared rooms is an independent film that seeks to capture the popular romantic comedy image. Many of the movies focus on different people throughout the plot, however Shared rooms It specifically follows three gay men as they go on various trips to make surprising connections with others.

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anyway Shared rooms It didn’t get the best reviews from critics, many fans love the different spicy storylines and think it’s on the same level as other great bands’ movies like Really love. This lesser known movie succeeds in capturing a familiar rom-com story for a more diverse audience.

8/10 Launching in December is heartwarming

Launching in December is another LGBTQ+ holiday movie with real LGBTQ+ actors. The movie takes a familiar holiday movie story and changes it to fit a fresh perspective. When Wyatt returns home for the holidays hoping to convince his mother to sell the family farm, he begins an unlikely romance with the farm’s new hand, Heath.

This relaxing movie is the perfect watch for those who love cute country Christmas movies and appreciate when they have a few stylistic changes between movies. While it’s not the most unique premise, it’s another poignant story for finding comfort during the holiday season.

7/10 Shadows: The Spirit of Christmas discusses the afterlife

Shadows: The Spirit of Christmas is a holiday ghost story in which a young woman dies in an accident after a first date. She enlists the help of her best friend to move to the afterlife. Although the story is familiar, the holiday aspect is rare in ghost-related plots like this one.

while a ghost It doesn’t have strong LGBTQ+ representation like the others, but rather has a twist ending that highlights the importance of friendship and appeals to a diverse audience. a ghost He has the expected level of cheesiness often seen in holiday flicks but is a heartwarming tale nonetheless.

6/10 Single all the way sees fake relationship become real

Rom-coms love storylines where the fake relationship goes awry, but one all the way It makes an overused cup look less cheesy. Trying to avoid judgment from his family, Peter brings his best friend home for the holidays and pretends they’re in a relationship, but things get complicated when he falls for another guy.

one all the way is one of the best holiday movies on Netflix, adding even more acting to the Christmas ensemble on the streaming service. Peter’s holiday love story is one of the best LGBTQ+ holiday movies to date.

5/10 Carol is a relaxing watch

Carolbased on the semi-autobiographical novel by Patricia Highsmith The price of saltIt is about a young woman’s relationship with an older woman. This relationship causes strife in the lives of the two women. While there are plenty of biographies about LGBTQ+ celebrities, Carol Explores the difficulties faced by LGBTQ+ people trying to live happy lives during a time of prejudice.

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Carol Not entirely a Christmas movie, but one of the most important scenes in the movie is approaching the holiday season. The upbeat ending also leaves the viewer with a warm feeling, making it a comforting watch for the fun season.

4/10 A Jenkins Family Christmas shows the struggles of a modern and complex family

Jenkins birthday is an original BET+ centered on a family trying to have a merry Christmas after their father passed away. However, tensions between them threaten the holiday celebration. This movie has many layered plots, including their brother Kenny’s surprise in bringing home his new friend.

Jenkins birthday Not only does it have great LGBTQ+ representation, but it also has a diverse cast that touches on the struggles of a complex, modern family. The viewer will appreciate the thought-provoking dialogue and issues that arise throughout the plot.

3/10 Let It Snow features LGBTQ+ and non-binary characters

Let it snow It takes place on Christmas Eve when a group of high school students get trapped together during a snow storm. This temporary isolation forces the group to interact in an intimate manner, which alters their friendships and love lives before Christmas Day.

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anyway Let it snow Not a groundbreaking representation of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s one of the few Christmas movies with representation of queer and non-binary teens. It’s a great movie for young viewers to watch act around the holidays as well as anyone who appreciates a variety of characters.

2/10 Happiest Season has a star-studded cast

happiest season is a Hulu original with a star-studded cast, including Kristen Stewart, Aubrey Plaza, Mary Holland, Dan Levy, and Victor Garber. The film follows Harper as she takes her friend Abby home for the holidays to meet her family. However, there is a surprising twist, as her parents don’t know she’s gay and aren’t ready to come out, forcing Abby to pretend she’s just a friend.

This is a sentimental tale that explores the intricacy of complex stories and families wrapped in an elegant Christmas setting. Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart won a Razzie Award for a previous movie, her role in it is happiest season It was a really inspiring role.

tangerine Technically, there is only one Christmas scene, but it takes place in the holiday season and many viewers enjoy the intense, realistic viewing all year round. The plot follows an LGBTQ+ woman who is recently released from prison and realizes that her boyfriend cheated on her while she was imprisoned.

This isn’t the fun, hilarious movie some viewers enjoy this holiday season. But, tangerine is a thought-provoking narrative that contains some deeply rooted social commentary that drives the development of the story.

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