Top 10 very bad movies on Netflix

See, good movies are good. Great movies are great. Great movies are masterpieces. Compelling and well-made films in all respects are fascinating, rewarding, and even exhilarating to watch. If there were no good movies, and the experience of watching every movie was an unpleasant experience, then pop culture sites wouldn’t be like the ones you’re currently browsing, and in all likelihood, no one would care much about film as an art form.

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However, there is also something amusing about watching a rather bad movie. “So bad it’s good” refers to the phenomenon of enjoying something even if it’s not particularly good, and just as there is no shortage of good movies to enjoy it naturally, so there is no shortage of bad movies to enjoy sarcastically. The following 10 are available to stream on Netflix, and are more or less bad enough to be good.

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Piranha 3D (2010)

Richard Dreyfuss in Piranha 3D

while Piranha 3D It may not be a good movie, it at least seems aware that it’s not quite as good, and so leans into the whole idea of ​​being fun more than some of the other trashy movies out there. The plot is ridiculously simple: a huge swarm of piranhas attacks people on spring break in Arizona. Chaos ensues.

It’s a very bland and gritty movie for the first half of its runtime, and then very gory and scary for the second half of its runtime. There is a lot of very basic and very straightforward to occupy your mind and be entertained here, for those who like this kind of thing. However, those expecting something smarter or a bit more flavourful shouldn’t be bothered.

‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ (2018)

Cloverfield paradox
Image via Netflix

the Cloverfield The series is an interesting one, with three films within it so far that are very different. the first (Cloverfield) from 2008 is a found footage monster movie. The second (10 Cloverfield Lane) from 2016 is a small-scale (and arguably better) film about three people who hide in an underground bunker from some kind of outside threat.

Enter the third movie to view a file Cloverfield Noun, Cloverfield paradox, which takes place on a spaceship and has a plot involving a mysterious alternate dimension. It’s not well received, but when handled with the knowledge that it’s kind of silly and off-putting throughout, it makes for a bit of mindless entertainment.

“Enter the Anime” (2019)

Enter the anime - 2019

Perhaps finding the humor in bad documentaries is more than an acquired taste, but for those who can afford it, this hour-long Netflix special could be a good laugh. Enter the anime It offers what is at best a surface level look at anime, and if the 2.6/10 rating on IMDb is anything to go by, perhaps the only way to get anything out of it is to treat it like a really bad documentary.

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Otherwise, anime fans inseparable from making bad documentaries should stay away, or risk serious disappointment. It’s an exercise in how not to make a documentary, and feels hastily put together and poorly researched throughout… but at least it lasts about an hour.

The Tall Girl (2019)

Tall - 2019

a tall girl is a movie about a tall high school girl who finds it difficult to be very tall. The struggles of being tall — and trying to reduce height — are explored throughout, and as the film continues, the tall girl who is a tall girl She realizes that being a tall girl isn’t a bad thing, and embraces being tall. Then the movie ends.

However, the a tall girl The saga does not end there! There is, too tall girl 2, released in 2022, for anyone who wants to see more of the trials and tribulations of tall girls. In the end, many seem to enjoy hate watching a tall girl series, which can help a tall girl Reaching new heights for viewers who enjoy something that isn’t very good.

“Bye Bye Man” (2017)

Bye bye man
Image via STX Entertainment

Bye bye man is a movie that immediately jumps out as a movie you shouldn’t take too seriously, thanks to the title alone. When the main villain in your horror movie is called something as silly as “The Bye Bye Man,” there is little or no chance that people would be expected to be scared.

And that before seeing it Bye bye man Play, though, with this movie about a bogeyman who can only target people who know he’s so silly he’s around all the time. It’s one of the most popular horror films of the 2000s, and it’s the kind of “scary” movie that’s a lot of fun because of how ridiculous it is.

“The Last Days of American Crime” (2020)

The Last Days of American Crime (2020)

For anyone who likes their very bad movies they have good long movies, The last days of American crime Are you covered? The slightly futuristic action/crime film runs nearly two and a half hours long, and features a far-fetched story of the United States government planning to broadcast a signal that will make willingly committing a crime impossible.

It’s a bit like Minority Report, but it’s not good. Dystopian films have been very popular lately, and perhaps this rather bizarre premise could have been approached in a fun way…but The last days of American crime fails to do so. For a wild narrative and ridiculously excessive violence, this can be a fun watch with the right mindset (as long as you can get past the long running time).

“Death Note” (2017)

Nat Wolff as Light Turner and Lakeith Stanfield as L from Death Note (2017)

Netflix hasn’t had a great series adapting popular animated shows to live action, with 2017 death note Being the first notable adaptive hurdle they failed to clear. It has the same great premise as the anime: a high school student obtains a notebook that allows him to kill anyone who writes his name in it, and uses this newfound power to eliminate criminals, in an effort to change the world for the better. …at least at first.

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Everything an adaptation shouldn’t do ends up in a live-action adaptation of 2017. The anime still holds up, but at best this animated live-action version might be good for mindless laughs, and little else, even with its cast and director. The talented, who have all been in much better films.

“Jem and the Holograms” (2015)

Jim and the Holograms - 2015

A wild, quirky, musical-themed movie that might be a bit of a cult movie some years, C. Holograms It’s a very confusing movie. It looks at social media fame and what it does to young people who are pushed into it, following a teenage girl and her sisters who suddenly make themselves famous online and become international stars overnight.

It probably won’t be crazy enough for some, as the somewhat lackluster critical reception might suggest, though for others, it can hit the sweet spot between being formulaic and weird. Like any movie on Netflix, though, what more time do you have to lose, to give an unusual picture like this a shot?

“365 days” (2020)

Image via the following movie

365 days It may be the infamous holy grail of Netflix movies. It caused a stir when it was released in 2020, due to the quality (or lack thereof) of its writing and direction, and its overly racy content, but it seemed to veer from the public consciousness… However, the fact that it was a flash in the pan didn’t stop a sequel from being It is green-lit and released in 2022.

the 50 shades of grey The movies aren’t exactly seen as high-class cinema, but they look like Oscar-winning films by comparison 365 days. absurd, exaggerated, melodramatic, and unapologetic, obscene and farce, 365 days It’s so startlingly stupid that you can’t look away from it, even if a part of your brain is screaming at you to do it.

Jiu Jitsu (2020)

Ninja Nicolas Cage with a sword in Jiu Jitsu - 2020

Nicolas Cage Fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to watching bizarre and obscure films featuring the iconic legendary actor as himself. However, many of his recent films that aren’t particularly great are also kind of a drag to watch, making something hilariously stupid like jiu jitsu stand out.

It’s a movie that haphazardly combines martial arts, sci-fi, and sword fighting, and plays like a poor quality half-baked picture of something like Highlander. However, when treated as such a bad movie it is a good movie, it pretty much delivers the goods. And if all else fails, Cage at least sticks to the ridiculousness of it all, because he’s always capable of doing it.

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