TV Tonight: It’s…a glorious reconstruction of the Wagata Christie trial

Vardy v Rooney: Courtroom Drama

9 p.m., Channel 4

This year’s Wagata Christie trial will be in the history books. The story of Rebecca Vardy v. Coleen Rooney’s defamation case – with its courtroom dissection of Peter Andre’s Chipolata and her analysis of how she argued with pigeons – hardly needs embellishment to make the entertainment loud. Thus, this two-part component uses real texts for the glorious reconstruction. But with Natalia Tena and Chanel Creswell as the warring Wags, and Michael Sheen clearly enjoying himself as Rooney’s lawyer, how glorious that is. Episode one gets to hear Vardy’s side of things, while tomorrow’s finale sees Rooney pointing to memes as evidence (including one of the two women’s faces being photographed as Scooby-Doo characters). Holly Richardson


10 pm, Dave

This entertaining, albeit Taskmaster-adjacent series of challenges concludes with some silly outdoor activities. Phil Wang and Fatiha El Ghouri find a loophole in the plumbing challenge. and the host’s dummy, David Mitchell, is laid to rest in a variety of charming and sometimes sinister macabre funeral ceremonies. good fun. Phil Harrison

Rosie Molloy gives it all away

10 p.m., Sky Comedy

Rosie Molloy (Sheridan Smith) deals with her father’s death using her usual cocktail of chain smoking, cheap jokes, booze and more failed attempts at getting clean. Perhaps, when the truth hits at the funeral where they throw peanut M&Ms on her dad’s coffin (he was allergic to peanuts), she’ll be pushed to make a real difference? or not. Human Resources

Christmas dog house

8 p.m., Channel 4

Walkies this way... Ziggy's at The Dog House at Christmas.
Walkies this way… Ziggy’s at The Dog House at Christmas. Photo: Channel 4

Even the most die-hard Grinch will melt at the sight of the three-legged Emory German Shepherd, as Wood Green Pets Charity continues its commendable efforts to match these rescue dogs to suitable new owners. Also looking for permanent homes (and plenty of Christmas presents) are a feline fox terrier Ziggy and a friendly staff cross named Winston. Grace Graeme

Inside M&S at Christmas

9pm, ITV1

This isn’t just a behind-the-scenes documentary examining how a major retailer is preparing for a crisis month; This is the actual Marks and Spencer. How does the storied brand plan to stay ahead? The Test Kitchen whips up easy-to-cook turkey and sprout gratin while their festive ad recreates a beloved double act. GV

Lionesses: Champions of Europe

10.40pm, BBC One

This will be remembered as the year the Lionesses brought it home – the first time an England senior side had won a major football championship since 1966. This festive documentary follows their journey through the eyes of coach Sarina Wegman, captain Leah Williamson and team members such as Jill Scott and Elaine White and Lucy Bronze. Ian Wright and Alex Scott share their praises and explain exactly what the historic moment was for women in sports. Human Resources

Movie selection

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty and the Best
Animal attraction… Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty and the Beast. Photo: Picture Lux/Hollywood Archives/Alamy

Beauty and the Beast (Bill Condon, 2017) 2.45pm, BBC One
“Beauty is found within,” is the believable message of Bill Condon’s unabashedly romantic live-action version of the fairy tale — though it helps if your beau turns out to be Dan Stevens in the end. Emma Watson brings Hermione’s practicality (and her decent singing voice) to French bookworm Belle, who bonds with her furry captor over a shared love of literature. Ewan McGregor (candelabra), Ian McKellen (clock) and Emma Thompson (teapot) provide comic relief as animated household appliances, while Be Our Guest, with a Busby Berkeley style, is the featured number on the soundtrack. Simon Wardle

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