Twitter is implementing new rules prohibiting links to other social platforms

It’s time to revise your Twitter bio, because Elon and Co. she has Got some new rules About what you can relate to — and if you’re not in line, you’ll find yourself hanging real fast.

Specifically, Elon and his team decided on Twitter 2.0 that associating with any competing social platform, in any way, is now against the rules. Because of, um, a free upgrade?

As explained Twitter:

“We are aware that many of our users are active on other social media platforms. However, we will no longer allow free promotion of certain social media platforms on Twitter.”

So Twitter does not want to attract its competitors by providing free access to its audience. I’m not sure that will provide the competitive advantage that Twitter is hoping for, but here we go.

Specifically, we will remove accounts created solely for the purpose of promoting other social platforms and content that contains links or usernames to the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr, and Post.

To be clear, you need to remove all links in your bio, and no longer tweet links to your accounts at:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • mastodon
  • social truth
  • Triple
  • for us
  • Mail

In case you are currently wondering, Millions of accounts conflict with this new rule.

Several users have noticed issues trying to link to their mastodon accounts over the past week, which appears to be an attempt by Twitter to stop the migration of users. Now, we have an official reason why — and that’s not all.

In the More documents for the new ruleTwitter also notes that:

  • Third party social media link aggregators such as linktr. eelnk. bio

These are banned, so you need to get rid of your Linktree links, as well as any other link aggregator.

Which sounds silly, but then again, here we go.

“But wait,” I hear you say, “what about the official co-posting options using the Twitter API, like when you share a link to something using the Twitter button from the available share options?”

This, apparently, is still allowed.

“We are aware that some social media platforms provide alternative experiences to Twitter, and allow users to post content to Twitter from these platforms. In general, any type of cross-posting on our platform is not a violation of this policy, even from the restricted sites listed above.”

So in theory you could still post your latest update on Instagram for example, and it wouldn’t be a rule breaker. But posting a direct link to your IG profile will do that.

Twitter also notes that:

Posting links or usernames on social media platforms not listed above does not violate this policy either.

So links to YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Snapchat and interestingly, TikTok, are all fine.

Mastodon, which is slowly becoming a favorite alternative on Twitter, apparently annoyed Elon enough to get attention, while Meta must have gotten his goat somehow.

Nostr is an open source platform He is being promoted by former Twitter head Jack Dorseyalso indicates that the relationship has soured between these two (remember when Jack said Elon was the ‘only solution’ he trusted to save Twitter?), while TikTok’s deletion could point to Elon’s complicated relations with China, and the need not to Step on any toes on that front.

Twitter also says that any attempt to bypass the new rules — such as spelling “dot” for social media links to avoid URL generation, or sharing screenshots of your handle on a social media platform is prohibited — you’d guess that would also result in a paddle of tweet gods.

However, Twitter will continue to allow paid advertising/promotion for any of the social media platforms that are banned. what a surprise.

Look, I realize there are ardent Elon supporters out there who see nothing wrong with anything he does, and to those people, this is probably just another part of his grand master plan, which we all commoners are too stupid to fathom. . But that’s bad. This is bad policy and it won’t help Twitter. And while the concept of quarantining people might make some sense, on some level, in terms of stopping app use in order to “free promote” to competitors, the effects, over time, will vastly outweigh the perceived benefits.

Take, for example, creators who post through Twitter to promote their stuff on other apps, where they can make a lot more money. Twitter is capitalizing on this, by increasing engagement, but for now, these creators will have to think twice about how they use the app for this purpose — and whether it’s worth using it at all.

It’s the exact opposite of what Twitter was working towards before Elon, with more creator tools and incentive programs being developed.

Disabling Linktree and similar services also hurts Twitter’s ecosystem, reducing their value, rather than increasing it, while preventing people from promoting their Mastodon and Post links will likely get them deported faster.

And the confusing element as you can still post via the official sharing links?

The whole update feels like a hasty, no-brainer policy.

Much like this – another Twitter update is coming:

Conceptually, that should motivate more people to pay for Twitter Blue, right? In order to get the additional “downvote” feature.

But as many have pointed out, this content is likely to be misused and abused to silence dissenting opinions, with added incentives to block and mute – i.e. stop listening to dissenting opinions.

There are also new “anti-investigation” rules that saw several high-profile journalists suspended last week.

It triggers a happy policy, which is developed without the industry knowledge or sensitivity required to arrive at the right approach.

Oh, also, it’s potentially anti-competitive, and illegal in Europe.

Elon owns pointed out that Twitter will do “a lot of stupid things in the coming months” as it rectifies the situation. This is, for sure, one of them.

Update: Hours after this policy was issued, and amid significant backlash, Twitter quietly deleted the tweets, did not release the rules document and published this poll:

The results here seem to indicate that this wasn’t a popular update – although it might have been Another Elon as president.

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