Weekly movie dates keep my winter blouse in bay

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Daylight Savings Time, as it does every year, ushered in the Age of Perpetual Darkness. The sunset at five o’clock in the evening and the constant cold weather that makes me want to never set foot outside my apartment are my yearly ailments for which I have no cure. If all of this sounds melodramatic, that’s because it is! This does not make it any less healthy.

But this year, my friends and I toyed with the concept of staying lucid already this season and realized the only place that might help us do that was the cinema. The idea came to us when we were leaving a show do not worry my love. We were intoxicated by the power of pretending to be pseudo-movie critics with each other when a girl in Ugg boots turned to her friend and said, “That was the worst movie I’ve ever seen.” We laughed and made our way out of the stage doors in a single-file line, tossing sodas, candy wrappers, and ambitious, half-eaten large bowls of popcorn into the trash.

Outside, we were met with torrential rain unlike anything I’ve seen all summer. This rain brought chills with it, true proof that summer is over and winter is ahead. I watched other groups of friends join hands and arms, cover their heads with bags and purses, and take chances at jogging in the rain. Something about it felt like an indulgent teen; The dizziness caused by the film and the turmoil, and the laughter reverberated between us and those around us as we had hoped it would subside. Even the hoodie I wore, stolen from my boyfriend’s closet, reminded me of an era that was once mine but now felt so far away from.

“That was fun,” I said to the five other girls, or I suppose we’re women now, that I came to the stage with. We met each other at an intersection in the East Village, a fairly central location that would give us enough time to exchange How are you?that turn into How did the date go?which sometimes leads us to My therapist said something that made me think of you, And so on.

“We should do this every week in the winter,” said my friend Morgan. She must have felt a chill in the air, too.

So we made a plan. Every week, or whenever the terrors of winter seemed too heavy to bear, and the thought of going outside seemed too daunting, we promised that we would meet in that corner in the East Village and go to the movies and see what the big screen had to offer, even if we knew it would be Bad.

At the risk of sounding like she’s caught in the spirit of Nicole Kidman going to AMC, the cinema is the perfect third place to be when you don’t know where to go. It’s a common feeling (like when our entire theater started laughing at the sight of Harry Styles in DWD), but there’s no need to share words if you don’t feel forced. Going to the theater is the perfect seasonal depression activity, though I have to point out that the key thing should be a chat with a mental health professional. And for those of you who don’t feel even a little gloomy and gloomy in your perception during the winter months, perhaps theater can be your go-to when there are no plans to make and the cold seems too strong even for you. sprayer.

Since crafting our plan, I have to be honest and admit we’ve done what busy adults do best: flake off. We’ve seen a movie or two together since the days are getting shorter, even though we’ve been sitting on Julia Roberts and George Clooney. Heaven ticket It was so exhilarating and mind-blowing, the way rom-coms are supposed to be, it held me for a few weeks. We have tentative plans to see food menu. We chat a lot in our group chat and play movie critic on the safety of those messages whenever we watch movies on our own. There’s an understanding both quiet and public that society is the thing that will get us through the winter, and movies are the drive and reward for keeping our union alive.

There’s something about the possibility of having a weekly date with a group of people you not only like but can sit in complete, comfortable silence that helps reduce the urge to hibernate throughout the season somewhat. There’s a joyful anticipation in knowing that perhaps as soon as this week ends, you’ll gather and meet your friends on a downtown street corner. You’ll buy popcorn that’s probably too big to finish before it gets cold and maybe a bag of Sour Patch Kids. You’ll be seated in a slightly reclined seat, comfortable and uncomfortably enough to feel right at home, and you’ll sit in silence for at least an hour. And when you leave the theatre, you’ll watch your friends link arms and hands as they embark on their journeys home, and on the same corner where you met a few hours ago, you’ll part ways with four or five other people and shout Get a safe house! And the I love you! And I feel that little piece of emotional warmth that just comes from feeling like a part of something. Perhaps this will be enough to help us survive until the spring comes to save us.

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