Will Portman Road top its largest ever Boxing Day attendance?

I will be honest.

When Town CEO Mark Ashton said on a fan forum earlier this year that he saw no reason why Portman Road couldn’t attend 28,000 people, I raised my eyebrows slightly.

Not that I didn’t want to believe it, and I certainly didn’t scoff at it.

He’s just, well, as someone who barely missed a home game during Town’s brilliant 1980/81 season in the First Division. and thoroughly enjoyed George Burley’s 1999/2000 campaign in the second tier on Town’s path to promotion – both seasons when Portman Road weren’t averaging 28k, I thought Mark Ashton’s hopes were a little optimistic, considering Town are now in the tier Third.

East Anglian Daily Times: Sam Morsy has had a fantastic 12 months with IpswichSam Morsy, has had a fantastic 12 months with Ipswich (Photo: © Copyright Stephen Waller)

How misplaced my faith was.

Well, the average attendance in the city right now is 25,500, not 28,000. And split hairs by all means, but be honest, who in their wildest dreams would have thought League One side Kieran McKenna would average those numbers at the start of this season?

And this year’s Boxing Day, the 28k figure is set to hit, maybe even break through.

According to Renegade Statman on Twitter, the highest Boxing Day attendance at Portman Road is 28,476. It happened again in 1975 when Town defeated Arsenal 2-0 in Division 1.

Fabulous! Now in League One, can Town seriously beat this Boxing Day?

Our new ownership and management team proves how to run a football club, on and off the field, and as someone who has seen so much over the past decades at Portman Road, I couldn’t be happier nor more optimistic about the future.

What an uproar it would be for Town players to run out to the wall of noise against Oxford United on Boxing Day. I hope the Blues put in performances and get results.

The result Town didn’t get at Wycombe, of course.

I have two points to make regarding the Wycombe defeat.

1. The performance was better than the result deserved. That in itself is a positive, albeit a small thing considering Ipswich’s loss.

2. The Blues need a striker.

East Anglian Daily Times: Connor Chaplin was in goal from midfield.  But do Town need another striker?Connor Chaplin, was in the goals from midfield. But do Town need another striker? (Photo: Steve Waller)

Township will finish in the top six this season. But they really need to take the first two places, the play-offs are like a lottery. McKenna’s team have all the makings to do this, but I feel like Town, like Sheffield Wednesday and Plymouth, are just a tad small in certain areas. The town needs a striker.

Who takes the transfer gamble in January will be key. I hope the city.

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This is not a reflection on the team Ipswich has. This team has got them where they are. But McKenna and Ashton will know what it takes to win promotions. Sitting on your hands to enjoy the view is not one of them.

But that’s it. No more misgivings from me, It’s neither the time nor the place for trees with Town sitting where they are in League One, Christmas is just around the corner, with all the fun Town fans have had so far this campaign.

This time 12 months ago the blues fan got a Christmas present from Kieran McKenna. And don’t lie to yourselves, there were many, including me, who whispered, Kieran who?

Well, we don’t say that anymore. Kieran McKenna and Ipswich Town seem to be in a perfect position. Yes, there is still a long way to go. And there will be pitfalls. There are some huge games on the horizon.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, you’ll have to take me back to the 2000/01 season when Town finished fifth in the Premier League to find out the last time I enjoyed ITFC as much as I did. m doing now. For a whole host of reasons, not just results on the field.

Yes, it’s the first league. But this time next year, it might be the championship – and Mark Ashton’s attendance of 28,000 might be the norm.

From me, a very happy birthday to all the Ipswich Town fans, wherever you are.

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