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2022 was a good year for horror movies. We got some really good reboots and some great originals that left us elated and relieved. But it was also a year of bad movies, just like every year. From bad, stupid CGI that left us scratching our heads at absurdity to dumb heroes who walk through horror movie logic and then cry wolf – the worst horror movies of 2022 did it all.

I think the most problematic issue at this point is that these films are trying to replicate the same thing we’ve seen before with a modern twist, without adding anything and taking away a lot. Thus, if you are curious about what not to watch as the year ends, here are the worst horror movies of 2022 that left us somewhat disappointed and upset!

The worst horror movies of 2022 (in no particular order)

Choose or die

I was intrigued when I read some of the reviews about Choose or die He went so far as to say that this was a good movie. I mean, more power to you but this movie really tested my patience in the worst way. Starring Asa Butterfield and Iola Evans, the movie tries to do too many things together until it ends up being a jumbled mess of nothing.

The story follows young programmer Kayla, who finds herself in a world of chaos when she launches an 80s survival horror game that tears apart her reality as well as those around her and forces her to make deadly decisions.

While the premise seems interesting and somewhat retro, the movie is so stupid that it made me wonder who thought this was such a good idea.

Watch the movie on Netflix.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

My biggest tragedy with this movie is that he dared to take out the last girl from the first movie and then kill her in the most humiliating way possible. There is a lot wrong texas chainsaw massacre, But the movie is just so preachy and condescending that it’s hard to sit there and be lectured by a bunch of annoying young men.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre It follows Melody, Lila and their friends who buy a small town in rural America to make it better and more luxurious. However, it ends up being the worst mistake of their lives when they always make stupid decisions and anger Leatherface, who goes on a murderous rampage.

The question here remains, why is Sally Hardesty in this movie? Why did she decide that mocking Gelface and making him remember her and her friends was a better idea instead of just, you know, killing him? I don’t know.

At least the killings were pretty bloody and devastating.

Watch the movie on Netflix.

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Netflix keeps coming up with bad movies, right? Writer-director Andy Fetcher presents Old Men Bad! In this movie that really wants to bring back the fact that weak and weak old people can kill people in the blink of an eye. I wondered where they got the strength to strangle a healthy young man, but I met “movie logic” at every step.

Either way, the movie follows Ella, who returns to her hometown for her sister’s wedding only to find the old people left in town have started an uprising and will stop at nothing before taking revenge on them.

Only, this movie leaves me with a lot of questions. It’s a long, boring tale of how you have to take care of your seniors in their later years. Otherwise, they may kill you and your children. I don’t understand how and why it happened, it just happened. The Horror or Murder is just below par and doesn’t hold your attention for any length of time, especially since the logic makes no sense.

Good night, mom

2014 German horror Good night, mom It was a brutal, nightmare-fueled, surprisingly skin-crawling hour that really left us out of it for a bit in the end. With a surprising twist that you may or may not have expected, we were definitely left a little confused with the US version that no one asked for. This is especially because the new version is so bad.

Starring Naomi Watts, OK Mom, the 2022 remake was a disappointment. Not only is it a copy of the original story, but it also doesn’t contain the horrific cruelty and brutality of the first story. What Happens is a not-so-good adaptation of a rather scary story and leaves you feeling somewhat confused about the point of it all.

I think watching the original is a better idea if you really want to freak out.

Watch the movie here.


Ok listening. There are so many great movies about first generation American issues and how important it is to break the cycle of abuse. And honestly, I would love these movies to be dramas because not everything has to be a horror movie.

Written and directed by Iris K. Shim, the film stars Sandra Oh in the title role as Amanda, who is plagued by her mother and what she went through at her hands. Determined not to follow in her footsteps, Amanda decides to be different with her daughter, Chrissie. However, as the nation dies, Amanda is devastated by a spirit she refuses to let go of.

Sure, you could say the movie has potential. It is – but the story’s delivery and general tone are so lackluster that you don’t feel anything about it. The horror elements start to slide pretty soon, and the movie feels uncomfortable to sit through after a while.

The movie is available for rent here.


Spencer Square is a half-baked mess. It’s neither awful nor fun to fill up the time you waste watching it. It follows the same pattern as many other haunted house movies, with terrible things happening to our heroes once they move in.

But unfortunately, the movie is so clichéd and devoid of intimidation that it turns into a snooze-fest. The film stars Emma Roberts, John Gallagher Jr., and Michael Shannon, and none of these actors can save this horrific mess of a movie from coming out on the other side.

The movie is available here.


Well, before anyone comes up behind me with a pitchfork, I’ll admit that the movie has something new to it that makes it rather interesting to watch. But, I mean, I just can’t take it dark seriously. Like, look at the ghost (or entity, whatever you want to call it). It’s just so goofy.

Written and directed by John Ross and starring Sarah Wolfkind, Shannen Sossamon, and Osman Ally, the film’s characters are just such annoying people that you want to slap someone instead of becoming invested in their struggles. Everyone makes the worst decisions all the time and thus makes you feel so upset that enjoying this wild ride becomes a chore.

Watch it here.

fire starter

The Stephen King adaptations will either be a terrifying watch from start to finish, or they will be so bad that looking at the screen for long periods of time becomes impossible. This Keith Thomas sci-fi flick starring Zac Efron and Ryan Kira Armstrong is so bad it’s so bad.

The problem with King’s adaptation is that it’s very difficult to bring out the nuances of the written word on screen, and much gets lost in translation. For this movie, it throws away anything and everything important that made the book good and makes a long mess with the basic and uninteresting parts – it feels like they intentionally wanted the movie to bomb.

It’s a hollow adaptation that brings nothing new to the table besides Efron playing a rather delicious dad.

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

Ah, another sequel — but this time, on the other end of the spectrum.

I think fans of the original were really looking forward to another outing with The Creeper. Regardless of the criminal endeavors of the director of the original trilogy, the sequel to the trilogy is a sad watch. Its rather low budget is evident in every frame, and it looks so bad it almost takes you out of the story.

Besides, the story itself is funny and makes no sense if you think about it. The plot holes are glaring and the dialogue is horrendous. The acting isn’t great either. Thus, you’re left with a movie that doesn’t really know how to “film” and leaves you feeling cheated by the experience.

Rent the movie here.


I’m not even going to defend my position on this movie. It doesn’t even matter what the gist of the movie is – it’s so annoying it feels like someone is slapping me over and over every few minutes.

Rob Savage hosting It was fun. I think it was one of my favorites that year. But, Dashcam He is the annoying brother from Hell, where you want the protagonist to die after the first few minutes. If the idea is to get on our nerves, the creators have really done a good job at it.

The movie is available here.

What movie do you hate in 2022? Tell us in the comments below!

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