From Base Camp to Luxury: Hotels for the Modern Explorer


From Base Camp to Luxury: Hotels for the Modern Explorer

Going on a grand trip of discovery can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. Even so, it can also be made even more incredible with the right accommodation. After all, there is nothing quite like resting in total comfort after a day of exploration. But what are the best hotels for the modern explorer? Read on to find out!

The modern explorer is likely to seek out a variety of accommodation options from campgrounds to luxury resort suites. Wherever an adventurer goes, certain elements remain constant in the delivery of quality accommodations—cleanliness, comfort, and convenience.

For campers or travelers on a budget, staying in a campsite or on-site accommodations like those seen at many national parks can be the perfect solution. Whether you opt for a simple tent or a more comfortable RV, you can still enjoy clean, fresh air and the wonders of nature all around you.

Those who prefer a more luxurious experience may opt to stay in a hotel. There are some incredibly impressive hotel options out there, like secluded mountain escapes or beautiful Persian beaches. For those that like to explore but still want a touch of luxury, it is possible to mingle between the rugged backcountry and elegant rooms.

When it comes to hotels, modern explorers should look out for certain amenities that are catered to their needs. For example, many hotels now offer special packages and activities tailored to adventurers. These might range from yoga retreats to self-guided model glider flights.

Other ways that hotels give back to their guests include complimentary bike rentals and dedicated spaces for creating digital maps, real-time satellite tracking, and other helpful features.

At the end of the day, no matter where the modern explorer stays, the goal is to make the most of their experiences in the field. Task- or mission-specific amenities, clean and comfortable rooms, and on-site activities can all add to the overall enjoyment when travelling the world.

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